D’oh! Woman In BMW X3 Humps Toyota Prius

You could say it was “hump day” for the unfortunate driver of this BMW X3 at a Market Basket parking lot in Middleton, Massachusetts, on Saturday.

According to local officials – and something tells us that you’ve probably heard this before, the elderly woman driving the BMW seemingly confused the gas for the brake pedal and ended up riding on top of a parked Toyota Prius.

A report from Fox25 said that, fortunately, no one was inside the wedge-shaped Japanese hybrid car when the accident occurred, while the woman in the BMW was shaken but unhurt.

Apparently, these sorts of mishaps happen more frequently than you might imagine – earlier this year, an Oldsmobile driver hit the wrong pedal and ploughed through a car wash, while just a couple of months ago, a Porsche 911 driver knocked down a detailing shop (again in Massachusetts).

H/T to Maria!

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