Does Lexus’ NAIAS Teaser Hint At LC Coupe, FCV Or Something Else?

Lexus confirmed today that it will have a world premiere at the upcoming 2016 Detroit Motor Show on January 11 through a teaser on its public website.

The unidentified car is described as an “unprecedented Lexus world premiere” with the picture showing burnt rubber on the asphalt, which in our mind, points to a performance model.

Those are the only visible clues we get, but digging behind the headline, we found that the image was named “fcv-world-2000×1100-lex”, while the page’s metadata uses the words “lexus concept car, lexus concept cars, lexus concept vehicles”, which could mean something –i.e. that Lexus is readying a new Fuel Cell Vehicle for Detroit, or perhaps nothing.

For what it’s worth, Lexus presented a fuel-cell concept car named the LF-FC at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show at the end of October.

The only persisting rumor we’ve heard so far is that the Japanese brand might show the production version of their LF LC Concept as the BMW 6-Series-rivaling LC500 Coupe – which would explain the drift marks in the picture.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see what Toyota’s luxury marque is planning for Detroit, but in the meantime, feel free to speculate in the comments.

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