Deal of the Day: Toyota Prius Plug-in

With the new Toyota Prius only weeks away, and a growing list of rivals, including the new Kia Niro crossover, there’s no better time to grab a huge saving off the outgoing model.

We’ve found a huge £10,873 off the Prius Plug-in, which brings its usually lofty price tag down to a more modest £22,522 – about the same price as the standard, bottom-spec Prius.

The car Toyota Prius 1.8 VVT-i Plug-in

The saving £10,873

The discounted price £22,522

The online broker


The Prius has remarkably low running costs, and where it’s usually quite a pricey hybrid, our deal brings it down to a much more competitive price.

Five adults can sit in the Prius in comfort, and there’s even somewhere for middle seat passengers to put their feet because the floor is flat. The boot is a decent size, too.

The Prius is well-equipped, too. There’s sat-nav, a reversing camera, cruise control, keyless entry, Bluetooth, all-round electric windows, a head-up display and air-con.


The Prius doesn’t ride particularly well, especially on larger alloys, and the handling provides little in the way of dynamics.

The rear spoiler is aptly named – it ruins the rear visibility.

Should I add any options?

There aren’t many more options you can add to the high-spec Prius Plug-in, so leave it standard and enjoy the enormous saving.

What next?

Head over to and select ‘Toyota’ and ‘Prius Hatchback’ from the drop-down menus, to see the full list of Toyota Prius deals available.

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