Could This Be The New Lexus LX?

These are alleged to be the first images of the new Toyota Land Cruiser-based Lexus LX. The vehicle you see looks like it could be the real thing, but then again you can’t tell in these days of advanced photo chopping.

We were tipped by Carscoops reader regreh, who said he found them on Instagram, and while they do bring this possible rendering / scanned magazine photo of a new Land Cruiser to mind, they look closer to being real.

If this really is it, then it looks like they’ve finally managed to have some differentiation between it and the vehicle on which it’s based, as all previous LXs did little to hide their roots.

The side profile is still a bit obvious, but aside from that it screams Lexus opulence pretty much from any angle. And there are plenty of angles in the gallery below to make your mind up, as well as a shot of the much plusher looking redesigned interior.

Thanks to regreh for the pics!

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