Classic and very rare 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45LV is a sight to behold

Classic and very rare 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45LV is a sight to behold image

In the world of very classic Jeeps and Land Rovers, there’s also room for another continent – thanks to the Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser.

Early model year Toyota Land Cruisers are becoming more and more fashionable collectible items – and the best ones are way more expansive than the equivalent Land Rover, its fierce rival at the time. The FJ Company has decided to tap the market with an FJ40-series Land Cruiser – namely an extremely rare FJ45LV station wagon. It’s incredibly exclusive because only about 1000 units were ever manufactured for the United States – and most likely just a few survived. The FJ Company took charge from a collector of the unit, found it heavily rusted but completely original – complete with engine and transmission, while also full of original parts acquired by a previous owner.

Now the car looks in better condition than new – after all the level of craftsmanship has surged throughout the years. This particular car would surely leave speechless any surviving production line worker of the era- though unfortunately they won’t be able to marvel at it unless they travel to Dubai where the new owner resides. For now, the model can be seen in The FJ Company’s showroom in Miami, Florida and will also be on display in November at SEMA.

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