China: Toyota halt in Tianjin gets extended

China: Toyota halt in Tianjin gets extended image

In case you missed it, last week a deadly chemical explosion took place near the Chinese port of Tianjin where Toyota Motor Corp. is handling its current operations. In the light of that, the brand has decided to keep its operations shut down at least until Sunday, after a suspension that was at first set to take place until Wednesday this week.

The reason for an extended halt in Toyota’s operations was safety and health concerns brought on by the unfortunate event that had recently occurred.

The Japanese automaker said that its Changchun plant of Sichuan FAS Toyota Motor Co Ltd that is also located in China has been affected by delays in parts shipments from Japan and that it would not be open on 20 and 21st of August. It will however make up for these two days in terms of lost production with a couple of substitute production days in the close future.

Toyota is at the moment operating two assembly lines near the Tianjin port and another one in a different part of the city. The car manufacturer has not been able to confirm so far if the sites are safe at the moment. The Chinese government stated that there was about 700 tons of deadly chemical sodium in the warehouse that had blown up. The carmaker announced that since it was unable to confirm the safety of the area close to the blast that took place, it decided that the best call was to keep the production temporarily offline.

By Gabriela Florea

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