Check out the Toyota Pixis Mega kei car

Check out the Toyota Pixis Mega kei car image

The newest addition to the Pixis family is called the Pixis Mega and it is nothing more than a kei car and yes, it is the one pictured here.

There is a thin line between toy cars and the real deal in Japan and the kei cars are just on the edge between the two. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at the vehicle pictured below. This has been called the Toyota Pixis Mega and it can seat four adults in its weirdly shaped cabin. The kei cars cannot exceed the height of the average Japanese male, by too much, which is 170 cm.

The total vehicle height stands at 1,835 mm and the cabin height is 1,455 mm, a class leader as the company is stating. It has a one-touch sliding mechanism for the lateral rear doors which is improving the access to the cabin. Underneath the trunk floor, there is a dedicated storage space with a capacity of about 90 liters. However, the 4WD models have 16 liters of storage space here. The Toyota Pixis Mega is taking its power from a 0.66 liter petrol burner, which is being offered in two versions, naturally aspirated, with 51 HP and turbocharged with 63 HP. The two-wheel drive models start from 1,350,000 yen or the equivalent of 11,000 USD and the average fuel consumption stands at 3.9 L / 100 km.

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