Check Out The 2017 Toyota C-HR Small Crossover In Fancier Colors

Toyota’s presentation of the C-HR has been a prolonged and somewhat tedious affair that began in 2014 with the CH-R Concept followed by the 2015 CH-R II Concept before we saw the production car in Euro-spec at this year’s Geneva show in March.

But even then, the Japanese brand withheld the small crossover’s interior blacking out the windows, and it wasn’t until June that it shared photos of the cabin. The C-HR will finally make its full debut at the Paris Auto Show at the end of September, with the North American model expected to be introduced in LA this November or in Detroit next January.

Today, it was Australia’s turn to get a taste of the C-HR, which, well, looks just like the European version. So, why did we bother? Because apart from sharing the first photo of the non-hybrid model’s interior, for the first time, Toyota has shown the C-HR in other colors aside from silver.

For the Australian market, Toyota has forgone the 120hp (122PS) 1.8-liter hybrid model available in Europe and will only offer (at least during launch) the 1.2-liter turbocharged four gasoline engine delivering 114hp (116PS / 85kW) and 185Nm (136 lb-ft) of torque in both front and all-wheel drive configurations.

The C-HR will be sold in two grades, the higher of which will be named “Koba” after the car’s global chief engineer, Hiroyuki Koba, when it arrives in Australia in the first quarter of next year.

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