Car Review: 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited

Jessica with the Toyota Highlander

2015 Toyota Highlander

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Jessica, a Georgia mom who among many other talents she; selflessly volunteers, home school’s her kids, and keeps an immaculately decorated home. And not just ANY decorated home, a seasonally decorated home! (Look out Martha Stewart!)

Behind Jessica’s holly dotted door wreath, lives a family who is blessed beyond measure to have such a dedicated mother at the helm. Like most most moms, she’s creative, dedicated, devoted and in perpetual need of a “mommy break”. Jessica takes on a journey as she takes time away to recharge. Cut to girl’s weekend get-a-way with the 2015 Toyota Highlander.

Before the much awaited spa treatments, but after a terribly long drive through winding mountains and rolling hills, 6 of Metro-Atlanta’s finest mom’s piled into the 2015 Toyota Highlander for weekend test drive. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, the Highlander is a three row vehicle that appeals to trendy buyers who desire a refined sleek exterior without compromising interior space. And trust us, it’s pretty rare do you find the two qualities, “sleek” & “roomy”, in one SUV. So what better way to put this car to the test than with a group of giggling girlfriends? No kids, no hubby’s, no responsibility. Just open road.

Highlander Car Review

“Even with the third row seats up and in use, a full crowd in the Highlander did not slow us down as we tackled some pretty steep mountain roads. In our model, we sported molded utility floor mats, which, while a touch on the Tomboy side, were perfect for muddy boots after horseback riding. If I had been carting my kids to soccer practice, I would have rested easy knowing that soccer cleats wouldn’t be ruining my perfect light tan carpet underneath. Suffice it to say, the 2015 Toyota Highlander had enough muscle and function to retain its SUV identification.”

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Quick Stats:

Price as tested: $47,671.00

MSRP: $43,790.00

Max Kid Capacity:

–Car Seats: 2 Large Car Seats with 2 booster seats in 3rd row

–w/o car seats: 5 kids

Fuel economy: 20/24 mpg (cty/hwy)

Test vehicle provided by Toyota USA.

More about Kimberly here.

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