Camatte Hajime Is Toyota’s Latest Concept Car For Kids

If you’re familiar with Toyota’s Camatte line of concepts you know that these are real size cars made to look like toys. Which is why all Camatte concepts released so far (Sora, Daichi, Takumi, 57s and 57s Sports) have debuted at previous editions of the Tokyo Toy Show.

The latest Camatte study, called the Hajime, will also be unveiled at the International Tokyo Toy Show (June 18-21). Building on Camatte’s spirit of customizability and fun, the Hajime features swappable exterior panels, adjustable pedals and seat, allowing kids to get in the driver’s seat while their parents sit behind them in the two rear seats.

The Camatte Hajime is 3,020 mm long, 1,320 mm wide, 1,240mm high and has a 1,800mm wheelbase. Although it is a real working car with an electric powertrain, it won’t be drivable during the Tokyo Toy Show. Still, kids will be able to get inside the car, turn the steering wheel and push the pedals.

Alongside the Camatte Hajime, Toyota will also present the Camatte Vision, an all-new interactive experience for families. Using an augmented reality tablet app, visitors will be able to see how they would look in a wide range of vehicle types and colors.

To do that, they will first have to get in the Camatte Hajime and take a photo of themselves, then customize a car by mixing and matching 13 body types and 12 colors using one of the tablets available at the booth. Finally, by holding the tablet over the road at the model driving course, their customized car will appear on the course with them inside. The following photo gallery contains some examples of virtual customized cars.

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