BMW Z5 Could Go Hybrid, Get AWD As An Option

Fresh info on the BMW Z5 (name unconfirmed) indicates that the roadster could be fitted with a hybrid powertrain.

Citing sources that wish to remain anonymous, Autocar reports that the drop-top has a good chance of using of a hybrid drivetrain, without offering any possible performance specs, which will probably join the latest four- and six-cylinder units.

Moreover, it seems that Bavaria’s next car that will go Mercedes-Benz SLC, Porsche 718 Boxster and Audi TT Roadster hunting might offer the xDrive all-wheel drive system, on the options list.

The new model will be underpinned by a fresh platform, co-developed with Toyota, which will also be used on a Japanese sports car, believed to be the spiritual successor of the Supra. Moreover, reports suggest that a shorter version of it could serve as a basis for the next generation GT 86.

The decision to ditch the folding metal top of the current iteration in favor of a fabric soft top was taken for two reasons: weight saving and a possible coupe variant, which might be seen on the horizon. As for the reveal date, BMW is expected to lift the veils off the new Z5 late next year or early 2018, while the Toyota sports car, which will sport a different design language, should follow it shortly after.

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