BMW debates stretched i3 vs sedan for next i-Series model

BMW debates stretched i3 vs sedan for next i-Series model

BMW is reportedly still debating wether to develop a stretched i3 or switch to a sedan bodystyle for the next i-Series model, expected to be labeled the i5.

Recent rumors suggest the lengthened adaptation of the i3 would ride on the same all-aluminum platform but with over four inches of additional rear legroom and more cargo space. It would presumably ditch suicide doors in favor of a traditional entryway behind a B-pillar.

Other reports have pointed to a midsize sedan with a coupe-like profile, similar in size to the 3-Series sedan, or a high-roof five-door hatchback likened to the Toyota Prius v.

“You will see more i products, and we are in the final stages of deciding what the next car will be and when you’ll see it,” said BMW sales and marketing chief Ian Robertson, according to an Autocar report.

In either case, the next i-Series model is expected to carry forward the i3’s powertrain with a choice between a pure electric vehicle or a range-extended hybrid. It could get a larger battery than the i3, potentially bumping electric range up to 200 miles for the EV variant.

BMW has hinted at an unveiling next spring, coinciding with the company’s 100th birthday. Rumors suggest production will begin later in the year, with a price tag somewhere around $60,000 or more.

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