Best Buy’s Geek Squad is Trading in the VW Beetle for the Prius C

Not even Best Buy’s Geek Squad wants to be affiliated with Volkswagen anymore.

The company has announced that the new Geekmobile that will transport Geek Squad Agents is the Toyota Prius c, dumping the Volkswagen Beetle that has been used for years. In total, Best Buy’s Geek Squad will dispatch more than 1,000 Toyota Prius c hybrids nationwide, transporting agents to Americans’ homes more than 13,000 times a day.

The new vehicle also sports an updated logo, as Geek Squad continues to expand its in-home service capabilities. The company said that agents make more than five-million house calls a year, driving an estimated 12.6 million miles.

The Toyota Prius c was selected “because of its innovative engineering and environmental advantages,” said Best Buy. In total, the Prius c will produce about half the emissions of the previous Geekmobile over the life of the vehicle. The new Geekmobile will also help Best Buy in its commitment to reduce its own carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2020.

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