Being In A Rush Can Actually Result In Your Car Flipping Over

While this isn’t the first dashcam footage we’ve seen of cars flipping over in traffic, it still makes for a very rare occurrence, especially at these speeds.

We can’t imagine that Toyota Yaris traveling very quickly as it made its way into the first lane, where the driver of the white crossover apparently thought it was a good idea to pull out at that exact moment.

The incident took place in Kaliningrad and the owner of the dashcam sarcastically asks “what’s the hurry” in the description of the video – which makes sense if you feel like passing a little bit of blame to the Yaris driver as well.

As for the extent of the damage, all we can say is that the driver of the Yaris was extremely unlucky to hit that other car at the precise angle needed in order to flip over.

A somewhat similar accident happened back in July when a Lexus RX connected with a Duster, flipped over on its side and slid across the asphalt. Ironically, both cases involved other drivers looking to change direction without making sure if the coast is clear or not.


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