Bear Tears Apart Toyota Venza’s Interior For A Candy Bar

Real-life bears may look cute and cuddly on the outside, but make no mistake; these are fierce and powerful animals.

This story began during a long night spent by the owner of this Toyota Venza at his log cabin in Virginia, while he was asleep and it involved a candy bar left inside the car. The bear picked up the sense, managed to open the door and climbed inside the Venza.

Due to the driveway being on a hill, the door apparently closed behind it and in its attempt to get out, the animal ended up tearing apart the interior of the 2014 model. The owner reported that every door panel was pulled off, roof wiring was shredded and seats were thrashed. What is believed to be a lucky bite, opened the door and left the bear free once again.

The vehicle’s exterior still looked brand new after the incident, but primarily due to the damaged seats, which reportedly cost $5,000 each to replace, the vehicle was declared a total loss and valued at $29,800, money that will be used as a down payment for a new car.

A bear apparently broke into another vehicle owned by the same man, a Mitsubishi Endeavor, as he said to have found a paw print on the seat, but because the animal couldn’t find anything “interesting”, it left, only to come back a couple of days later to try and get into his rental car, but the owner learned his lesson and locked the doors.

Photos via Zachary [email protected]

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