Australia’s Steet FX takes the Toyota 86 and engine swaps it with GT-R power

Australia’s Steet FX takes the Toyota 86 and engine swaps it with GT-R power image

The Toyota GT86, or plain and simple 86 in some markets, is a great little coupe. It’s the classic rear-wheel drive sports car with affordable and usable written all over it. It can be easily driven by almost anyone – and that’s mostly because it’s not really powerful.

Most people would go to their local aftermarket supplier and start buying common things like a sports air filter and custom exhaust and other stuff like that. Sensible tuning along with an ECU rework could easily grant another 50 to 80 horsepower. But there are others who think the only way up is through the sky – take Street FX Motorsports of Australia which has a goal of reaching 1,000 horsepower with the small coupe. The car here is indeed one prepared for track events, so the guys aren’t crazy enough to unleash such a monster on the street.

It appears the 86 started life as a regular circuit enabled model, and then was treated to the full metal Rocket Bunny wide-body kit – the first ever in Australia. From then on the standard FA20 engine was also reworked on several occasions – but they decided to throw all that stuff to the garbage bin. Because the car has been prepared for a 4.1-liter version of a Nissan GT-R engine, which also has a pair of HKS turbos slapped to the assembly. And yes, the engine itself needed extensive modifications just to fit inside the body.

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