Aussie Tuning Shop Creating Nissan GT-R Powered Toyota 86

A Ferrari-engined Toyota 86 may be coming to life in the U.S., but down in Australia, a bat-shit crazy 86 with the engine from a Nissan GT-R has just been built and promises to be the world’s ultimate Toyota sports car.

The car in question started life as a standard 86 and was first installed with a widebody kit from Rocket Bunny. It was then turbocharged and later, fitted with a complete twin-charger kit incorporating both a turbo and supercharger. After being maxxed out at 545 hp, the decision was made to replace the 2.0-liter four-cylinder with the engine from an R35-generation GT-R.

Not satisfied with the almost 600 hp of the standard GT-R, a fully-built 4.1-liter GT-R engine was selected with the GT1000 HKS Symmetrical turbocharger kit, resulting in a total of 1000 hp.

In order to get the engine to fit in the 86’s small front end, the front differential was removed and a RWD-only dry sump installed. The GT-R’s transmission was modified accordingly with a bespoke bell housing and an air-powered paddle shifter kit courtesy of Motec.

The project is still going and will eventually include an 8.8-inch Ford Mustang differential.

To follow the build and check out dozens of photos, follow the link here.

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