Are You the New Toyota Prius?


We spend our fair share of time covering high-performance supercars, but a BoldRide is anything that pushes the boundaries of the automobile. The Toyota Prius has been pushing the envelope of what a reliable, daily driving hybrid can be for years now, and we may have just been given a glimpse at the latest iteration.

The folks at Digital Trends happened upon a Taiwanese site that not only claimed to have photos of the top-selling hybrid, but also detailed specs.

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There are two different takes on the Prius here. The pastel green one is said to be the conventional Prius and takes cues from the Yaris hatchback and Mirai fuel-cell car. That is unfortunate, because that design language gives the Prius a face only a mother could love.

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The more handsome blue car, with the butched-up styling the claimed to be the Prius Plug-in. So why the big design difference? Is Toyota trying to actively push American buyers into the more attractive plug-in version? Both versions appear to have a raked rear that slopes into a spoiler integrated into the high belt-line. Also the C/D pillar at the rear is blacked out, maybe moving away from the hatchback layout, which would give the Prius V a stronger case for its existence.


Looks aside, the standard Prius gets an eight percent increase in fuel economy, to 54 mpg. That increase can be credited to several tweaks to the drivetrain, including some engine tuning, the addition of an electric water pump, and an exhaust heat recovery and recirculation system that is said to reduce warmup time.

We’re continuing to take this with a grain of salt, but will watch closely to see if these sketches are legit when Toyota officially announces the new Prius later this year.

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