All-New Toyota Prius Stars In Overly Dramatic Spot

While this might be one of the, if not the most dynamic, Toyota Prius commercials you’ll ever see, it’s also rather over the top.

Is the 2016 Prius a better car than its predecessor? Reviews seems to point out that it is. Is it more comfortable, more clever? Sure. Better looking? Let’s not go there because the odds are against it.

The thing is, the all-new Prius is by no means a car that should be power-sliding across asphalt or gravel because even if you could get it to do that, why would you ever want to?

Still, that’s exactly what the 2016 Prius is up to in this video. It’s a sort of mixture between dramatic driving sequences, pre-production test footage and some inspirational subliminal messaging – like seeing that flower spring up out of the ground after the Prius drove by.

We could say that the only hybrids that should be seen drifting are hypercars or at least rear-wheel driven dynamic sports cars or saloons. But the Prius? What’s next, getting Ken Block to leave Ford and do some stunts in the Mirai?

Seriously speaking though, the Prius remains an iconic model, and a hybrid pioneer, so watching Toyota celebrate it this way is at least somewhat understandable.


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