All-New Lexus RX First Static Video Preview

Lexus is still embargoing reviewers from having their say on the all-new RX, but one video did make it through the net. It’s a static preview of the RX350, the regular V6 powered variant of the new model.

TFL Car had Brian Bolain, the corporate manager of Lexus marketing, explain the changes and particularities of the new (fourth-gen) RX and made the video posted below.

So far technical details are sparse, but the RX does debut at the Frankfurt motor show where we expect Lexus to provide a full spec sheet alongside. It was actually first shown at the 2015 NY Auto Show, but then it was not accompanied by any technical details whatsoever.

Moving away from anything technical, we wonder if the polarizing new styling for the RX was such a good decision since this was, after all, one of the brand’s most popular models world wide.

The consensus with the new one seems to be “it’s ugly, especially at the front,” which is funny because it is visibly more restrained than the smaller NX, a car that had a better reception than this.

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