A Toyota Supra in Tennessee Has Racked Up 520,000 Miles


At what point do you look at the mileage of your car and question whether it’s time to be replaced? 70,000 miles? 100,00 miles? 150,000 miles? In the case of this high-mileage Toyota Supra, that day hasn’t even arrived yet. 

That’s because Dale Thomas, the owner of this fourth-generation Toyota Supra (also known as the “Mark IV” or “A80”) has accumulated an incredible 520,590 miles on the car and original engine, and all without any major engine repairs. Not only does that speak to the high level of engineering that went into the late-great Toyota Supra, but also the diehard loyalty of its sports car fanbase.

Thomas recently told Birmingham, Alabama’s Hoover Toyota about his high-mileage Supra, writing, “It has over 520,000 miles on it, with motor never being touched. Car is dirty, as is, with bugs on front, splatter on sides. Absolutely no rust. Love my Supra!!!”


The Toyota Supra, especially in its final guise, has long been praised for its steadfast reliability and its ability to handle high-horsepower modifications with relative ease. Even so, clocking over 500,000 miles without serious issue is quite the achievement for any sports car.

Under the hood of this Supra lives Toyota’s famed 2JZ-GE 3.0-liter straight-six engine, which when new summoned up 220 horsepower. That figure falls a good deal short of the highly sought-after twin-turbocharged models, which wield 320 horsepower, nevertheless these naturally aspirated cars are still quite quick and hit 60 mph in around six seconds.


Should Thomas tire of driving his aging Supra around town, or perhaps wish to garage the car for a while, he may not have to wait long for a new Toyota Supra to arrive. The highly-anticipated next-generation Supra (if that’s what it is to be called) is reported to be the joint undertaking of Toyota and BMW, which will receive a BMW-branded sister car.

The most recent reports suggest that the two mechanically similar cars will be built in Austria by engineering firm Magna-Steyr, with production anticipated to commence in 2018, however that has yet to be officially confirmed.

Photo Credit: Dale Thomas, Hoover Toyota

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