A Design Student Created this Stunning Lexus Concept

Could this be the Lexus of the future?

Probably not, unless Lexus decides to hire the design student that created this Lexus LF-LA concept. Drawing inspiration from the Lexus LFA and LC, Yang Sun has created this unique concept that he shared on his online portfolio. Along with the finished product, Sun posted sketches and various steps through the progress before coming to the final design you see above.

The drawing shows some new expressive curves on this Lexus model, but overall it’s not out of step with what we’ve come to expect from the Japanese brand, especially with how wild it has gotten in terms of design. In recent years, the company has developed a reputation for being edgy and more aggressive, especially with its new spindle grille design that is prominently seen on its new models.

In a way, the concept Sun created could be a spiritual successor to the LFA. And believe it or not, the main inspiration for the concept comes from a seashell as you can see on Sun’s portfolio page for the LF-LA.

Now when the new Toyota Supra becomes a reality, wouldn’t it be great if Lexus had its own luxury, high-performance F variant sporting a similar design as this?

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