5 of the Slowest Cars Available Today


For enthusiasts, speed is typically the first thing we want to know about a car. But speed also comes into factor when talking about safety for normal consumers. If you have something that can’t get up to a normal highway cruising speed swiftly, it makes for a potentially dangerous situation. Miss-judge a gap, and you’re potentially putting everyone behind you at risk.

That’s why we’ve made this little list to show you the slowest cars money can buy. Unlike most of our other lists where we encourage speed and performance, this one is a little different. Here’s a list of slow cars to run away from (literally).

Smart Car




Horsepower: 61

0-60: 15.5 seconds

The current Smart Car is the perfect city car. It’s small, compact, and has just enough room for you and your dog. If you want a pack of gum, though, the dog is staying home. You’d think because it’s so small and so lightweight, that it could potentially be quick enough. That just isn’t so.

The current generation gasoline-powered Smart Car takes an agonizing 15.5 seconds just to get to 60 miles per hour. Although, that 15.5 seconds seems like a breeze compared to the electric version. That takes 22.4 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour.

Mitsubishi Mirage



Horsepower: 74

0-60: 11.8 seconds

Mitsubishi has been flailing in the US market for quite some time. The company has been on the brink of just folding up shop, and heading back to Japan. Mitsubishi even said it will close down its US production plant soon. But about a year ago, Mitsubishi had the idea of building a city car on the cheap. The company figured with so many millennials working menial jobs, it would sell a ton of them and be able to continue.

Then Mitsubishi brought out the Mirage. It uses a 1.2 liter engine and takes 11.8 seconds to reach 60 miles per hour, which when combined with the pink paint that’s popular, is just about as excruciating as possible.

Chrysler 200




Horsepower: 184

0-60: 9.0 seconds

Chrysler and the rest of the company’s nameplates have been doing very well lately. The new 300 is a wonderful thing to drive and take long trips in. The Hellcat Charger and Challenger are absolutely bonkers. The new Viper ACR is set to become one of the fastest American cars ever built. And Fiat and Alfa Romeo are finally back in the States.

Everything seems to be coming up for Chrysler. Except for maybe the 200. The problem is in the base 2.4 liter engine. According to the official specs, it takes this car 9 seconds to get to 60 miles per hour. But when we tested it a few months ago, it took an unbearable 8 seconds just for it to get from 40-70 miles per hour. That’s just plain unsafe.

Chevrolet Spark




Horsepower: 84

0-60: 11.2 seconds

Like most of the other finalists here, the Chevy Spark is a city car for the masses. It’s stylish, quirky…and unbelievably slow. It has a grand total of 84 horsepower, which is almost less horsepower than most new motorcycles. Except this is a car with a lot more weight. That weight combined with the super low horsepower rating means the Spark needs a full 11.2 seconds just to hit 60 miles per hour. Or in other terms, an eternity just to get up to highway speed.

Toyota Yaris




Horsepower: 106

0-60: 10.4 seconds

The Toyota Yaris is probably one of the most successful of all city cars. Its unique styling, great cargo space, and ability to be turned into a flame-spitting rally car just add to the super low starting price of just $14,845. However, when stock, the Yaris is anything but a racecar. In fact, most shopping carts can be pushed faster than a Yaris can get to 60 miles per hour.

Using a 1.4 liter 4-cylinder engine, the Yaris makes more horsepower than the Spark, 106 to be exact, but is only a few tenths of a second off the Spark’s 0-60 time clocking in at 10.4 seconds.

We know, speed isn’t everything. But when it comes to these five cars, they could use a little boost.

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