2017 Toyota RAV4 Review Reveals One Extremely Spacious SUV

It seems that with every passing year, Toyota‘s RAV4 further solidifies its presence in a segment it practically founded 22 years ago.

That being said, with the non-premium compact SUV class seemingly growing every year, the RAV4 may be facing an uphill battle against newer and more tech-savvy rivals such as the Hyundai Tucson and VW Tiguan.

As you can probably tell, the segment has it all. From the practical to the good-looking, or the sporty to the more comfortable. So where does the RAV4 fit in? Carwow’s Mat Watson has it all figured out.

He starts off by examining the look of the cabin, which he personally likes but admits that not everybody would agree. While some of the materials are quite nice, there are still plenty of hard plastic surfaces that painfully fail Mat’s flick test. Next, he starts analyzing storage space, trunk space and rear leg room, the latter being exceptionally good, especially if you tilt your rear seat back.

Not everything is rosy, though. How so? Well, just click right below and find out.


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