2017 Lexus RC Coupe Review Reveals The Good & Bad Of Owning A 4-Series Alternative

When it comes to sporty premium coupe models such as the BMW 4-Series, Audi A5 and Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, the verdict is often times in favor of the Bimmer if you value driving dynamics.

So then what can Lexus do in order to make a case for their RC Coupe? Carwow’s Mat Watson tested the Japanese coupe to find out.

In the UK, the RC starts from £34,995, which makes it not just more expensive than an entry-level 4-Series, but also less diverse, as its only available in three distinct versions – the RC 300h (the one tested here), the RC 200t and the flagship RC F, priced at £59,995.

Behind the wheel of the RC 300h, Watson feels like there’s plenty to appreciate, such as the car’s quiet nature and the fact that it’s still sportier to drive than other Lexus models. However, it still doesn’t quite match its rivals in terms of driving dynamics and the somewhat cheaper plastics found sparingly throughout the cabin might turn certain customers away.

The review touches on technology, fuel economy, practicality, comfort and so on – with some features looking genuinely good, while others seemingly slightly disappointing.

By sticking around until the end of the review you’ll be able to here the usual pluses and minuses, which in turn may help put things into perspective when it comes to this car.


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