2016 Toyota Tacoma’s Playful Side Shown In New Ad Campaign [w/Videos]

Toyota has launched an ad campaign for the all-new 2016 Tacoma centered on the playful side of the midsize pickup truck.

Created by advertising agencies Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles and Conill, the new commercials target those customers addicted to adventurous living. Two broadcast spots have been released so far.

One of the spots is shot in one take and features a multitude of professional motocross riders and stunt people having fun on the dust-filled landscape alongside the Tacoma. The other commercial focuses on a group of thrill-seekers which are enjoying playing in the dirt.

The campaign aligns with Toyota’s “Let’s Go Places” theme and encourages people to play in the great outdoors. It also brings a Latino component via Toyota’s Hispanic marketing agency Conill, which created an online spot called “Sal a Jugar” (Go Out & Play). The commercial features Latinos who reward themselves by seeking out new adventures.

The objective is to measure the level of fun participants had driving the Tacoma. To do that, special wristbands monitored the electrodermal activity of each person on competing teams during a series of outdoor challenges.




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