2016 Toyota Prius Brochure Reveals Factory JDM Tuning Kits

Just in case someone thinks the new 2016 Prius hybrid needs more character, Toyota‘s Japanese arm is willing to provide the necessary add-ons to make it stand-out more. And who knows, maybe the optional bits will make the car look better.

Several body-enhancement accessories – specifically tailored by the brand’s Modellista and Toyota Racing Development – including a wide array of rims, were spotted in a Prius JDM staff manual.

As it turns out, there are entire body kits offerings for the Japanese market version of the hybrid, making it look sharper. Toyota’s own TRD division provides a subtle package, including a center-mounted twin-exhaust complemented by a rear apron. There are two design options available for the front bumper, none of which too obvious; even the option with the LED daytime running lights seem subtle enough to pass unnoticed, although I can’t say the same about the Prius.

Naturally, all factory-grade visual enhancements are subtle, even though the wide selection of wheels varies in size, from 15 inch to 18, but the Prius can apparently also be equipped with Modellista bits and pieces. In fact, the Japanese tuner offers two specific body-kits, Icon style and Up-Grade style, each with its own unique approach and add-ons.

But if you’re the type of person who likes a more “factory-approach” for their modified hybrid, then Toyota can hook you up with some original mods, including an aerodynamic package, and a sport package with dual integrated exhaust.

It’s not known if these enhancements will be available in other markets, or if they will remain JDM-exclusive.

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