2016 Toyota Hilux & Fortuner End Up Wearing Each Other’s Face

Since we now know how both the 2016 Toyota Hilux as well as the 2016 Fortuner are going to look, how about playing a little game called “Face/Off”?

That’s the movie referenced by the artist behind these images, the one where Nicholas Cage and John Travolta switch faces (though not bodies) in what may have been the most ridiculous movie ever made.

So let’s just jump straight in and check out these two models, wearing each other’s front ends.

The way I see it, the Fortuner‘s original face is better looking than that silly Hilux grin. Therefor this digitally modified version of the Hilux looks a bit better than the real thing, whereas the Fortuner looks better in real life than it does in this rendering.

Of course, in real life, these two cars are very similar since the Fortuner is actually based on the Hilux. It looks modern and even a tiny bit elegant – though not from all angles.

The Hilux however looks exactly the way you’d expect it to look. A bit good, a bit bad…those droopy taillights should have never made it out of Toyota‘s “brainstorming” session, when they started designing this pick-up.

So how do you guys like these two models? Are they fine just the way they are or should they have looked like they do in these renderings in the first place?

Renderings courtesy of Theophilus Chin

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