2006-2012 Toyota RAV4, 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV Recalled For Seatbelt Problem: 1.1 Million Affected

2012 Toyota RAV4 EV

Toyota is recalling more than 1.1 million RAV4 crossovers in the U.S. to address a problem with the vehicles’ safety belts. According to the automaker, some of those devices may not work as intended during collisions.

The problem is limited to the lap-shoulder seatbelts in the RAV4’s second-row. In extreme cases involving frontal crashes, Toyota says that “the lap belt webbing could contact a portion of the metal seat cushion frame, become cut, and separate”. Should that happen, the integrity of the belt would be severely compromised, and it probably wouldn’t restrain the occupant as intended.

The recall is limited to the 2006-2012 Toyota RAV4 and the 2012-2014 Toyota RAV4 EV. The company estimates that 1,124,000 vehicles are affected.

If you own one of those models, you should receive a recall notice from Toyota in the mail. You’ll be instructed to take your crossover to a Toyota dealer, who will install a resin cover over the vehicle’s metal seat cushion frame, which should fix the issue. The repair will be carried out at no charge.

Should you have questions in the meantime, Toyota encourages you to visit  its recall website at Toyota.com/recall and type in your vehicle identification number for additional information. You can also call; Toyota Customer Service at 800-331-4331.

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