1994 Toyota Celica-Based Supra Replica Built By 18 Y.O. Is For Sale… Again

This Toyota Supra replica was built over three years ago by an 18-year old in Denmark, who made several performance improvements, ultimately giving the car as much as 297 HP.

Here’s the original story we had on the car, and as you can see, it now looks a bit different as it’s been stripped of its more powerful engine and 19-inch black custom wheels, among other things.

Now, the car is actually a Celica again, boasting its original 175 HP engine (plus a new timing belt & filters), a new front bumper, new brake calipers, new tires and a stock exhaust by the looks of it. It also has 258,000 km (160,000 miles) on the clock, which may or may not help justify its 85,000 kr ($12,470) price tag.

You could probably argue that it’s not everyday you get to own a car that at least looks like a Supra, however a quick glance on Autotrader shows that you could probably get an original model with less miles on the clock for a similar price – at least in the UK.

Still, if you’re interested in digging a little deeper, the car is currently for sale on a Danish website so you can go check out the original ad by clicking here.

H/T to Christian!

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