1967 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45LV Restored to Immaculate Condition


It just doesn’t look real, does it? Between the white studio backdrop and the exceptional quality of the restoration, this 1967 Toyota FJ45LV looks more like a die-cast model sitting in a display case, rather than a real example bound for rugged streets of Dubai.

Sourced from Montana, this iconic vehicle was sent to The FJ Company in Miami, Florida, for a complete restoration, a process that would become one of the most comprehensive and well-documented in the history of this model. A number of replacement parts that had been stored with the vehicle were utilized in the build, and the original 3.8-liter motor and 3-speed transmission were retained.

By keeping as many original parts in place as possible, The FJ Company has added a great deal of value to what is already a highly desirable vehicle. Only 5,000 examples of the FJ45LV were built between 1963 and 1967, and only 1,000 came to the U.S. during that time period, making it rare even in its heyday.

With many succumbing to injuries sustained over the course of a hard-knock life, survivors became more and more sought after. While other classic Land Cruisers are a dime a dozen these days, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever see another FJ45LV in the parking lot. Unless of course you’ve arranged to meet up with other owners through the magic of the internet.

Since this example is bound for Dubai, it’s safe to say that no expense was spared during the restoration process. It’s also safe to say that it’s going to look right at home in the U.A.E., and really cool with one of their license plates on it. These vehicles were built for roaming far flung terrain, and one can only hope that’s exactly what this example will be doing with its new owner.

Photo Credit: The FJ Company

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