18 Year Old Crashes Nissan GT-R Into A Corolla In Singapore

Footage has emerged online showing the moment a modified Nissan GT-R speared through a stop sign and crashed into a Toyota Corolla in Singapore.

Behind the wheel of the GT-R was an 18-year-old who appears to be doing an acceleration run for the camera in the middle of a large carpark.

As the GT-R approached an intersection and stop sign, the driver failed to respond or brake until the very last split second as the Corolla drove in front. At this stage, the crash couldn’t be avoided and the Japanese sports car speared straight into the front wheel and quarter panel of the sedan.

Despite the speed and intensity of the crash, no one is believed to have been seriously injured.

The cars on the other hand, will need some serious repairs. The GT-R’s front bumper was torn off in the collision, its bonnet crumpled and the intercooler damaged. The Corolla meanwhile appears to have escaped with a broken front quarter panel, wheel, bumper and bonnet. Suspension and brake damage is also likely to have been sustained by the wheel which took the brunt of the impact.



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