BMW debates stretched i3 vs sedan for next i-Series model

November 30, 2015 0

BMW is reportedly still debating wether to develop a stretched i3 or switch to a sedan bodystyle for the next i-Series model, expected to be labeled the i5.
Recent rumors suggest the lengthened adaptation of the i3 would ride on the same all-aluminum platform but with over four inches of additional … read more

Top 10 Best Toyota Sports Cars of All Time

November 30, 2015 0

Toyota definitely isn’t the first automaker that comes to mind when you think of performance cars, but the Japanese manufacturer has a steep history in making some incredible sporty machinery. Names like Supra, Celica and 2000GT have all weaseled their way into the hearts and minds of enthusiasts … read more

Top 5 Worst Car Insurance Deals

November 27, 2015 0

Some of today’s most popular cars also cost the most to insure, relative to their price.
Recently, commissioned a study by Quadrant Information Services to determine an insurance-to-cost ratio based on a vehicle’s MSRP and average annual insurance cost. The findings might be … read more

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